You Can Have Clairaudience… If You Listen

Do you have a ‘little voice’ inside your head that tells you something? Everyone does but not everyone is listening for it. I call it ‘inner hearing’ because only you can hear it. No, I’m not talking about schizophrenia where you can’t tell the difference between what’s real and not real.

Clairaudience is what helps me in my psychic readings. I ‘tune’ into what departed loved ones might be saying. I have the ability to hear spirit’s voices, certain sounds and particular pieces of music. It just depends on what the spirit world is trying to convey to me at the time.

Best of all, everyone can do it. In fact, you might have your own clairaudience experience if you suddenly hear voices or music that’s not ‘there’. Here’s an example using one of my clients:

Although it doesn’t happen often, she will hear her late father from time-to-time. She can even ask questions and get answers now and then. She was having difficulty changing a toilet seat and she couldn’t figure out what to do. Frustrated, she asked out loud, “Dad, how do I get this seat loose?”

In her mind, she heard him say, “Hold the screw and turn the nut”. She had no idea what that meant, but she did it. Sure enough, it started to come off.

At other times, she doesn’t even ask for help. He simply pops in to offer advice. For instance, she was in the store, looking for an item. When it wasn’t where she expected, she started to walk the store. She as she made her way to the end of an aisle, she heard him say, “Turn Right.” She didn’t question it. She just turned and it was right there.

Now this client hears her fathers’ voice when he talks to her. However, many times the spirit speaking inside your own head sounds like your own voice. So it’s not always about hearing your ‘dad’ speak. Sometimes, he’s talking, but it’s your own voice that you’ll hear It’s a bit like when you read the narrative of a story. It’s someone else’s words, but it’s your voice in your mind.

The first step to experience clairaudience is to be open to the idea. If you think it’s not possible, chances are, you won’t have an experience. But if you really believe there’s something beyond this physical world, and that those who leave us never really go away, then you too might be open to an clairaudience experience of your own.