What Are Guardian Angels?

“What are Guardian Angels?” and “How do Guardian Angels work?” are two questions I’m asked quite frequently from my readers. So this month I thought I’d take some time to address what I think. First, let’s focus on “What are Guardian Angels?”

What Are Guardian Angels?

A guardian angel is sent at the beginning of your life when you’re born and stays with you until you die. Unlike spirit guides, where you have multiple guides, there is only one guardian angle that looks after us. However, he or she does have the power to call upon other angels for help in times of great physical or emotional crisis like accidents, the death of a loved one, etc. Guardian angels can also act as a guide to help lead you to the other side when you die.

How Do Guardian Angels Work?

Guardian angels are really a connection between the living world and the afterlife. What we discuss – either out loud or internally in our mind – can be heard by guardian angels. If something monumental is happening in our lives guardian angels can ‘rally the troops’ by having other angels help put events in motion for your benefit. It’s important to note that you do have the power to ‘fire’ your guardian angel if you don’t feel it’s working out, but that’s not always the best thing to do.

For example, I was having a very hard time in my life, as we all do. Circumstances at the time left me feeling hurt and angry so I fired my angel. I felt she wasn’t working in my best interest. But she came back and told me to wait that my patience was needed at this time and things would work out. I relented and not long after I discovered she was right and things did work out. The lesson here is that even if you don’t feel your angel is answering your prayers be aware that sometimes – just as in the living world – some things require extra effort or time.