We Need Laugher and Fun


We need fun, laughter, and giggles right now with all the changes that are going on in our lives. It’s trying to find things to do with our family, trying to find things to do with ourselves while keeping us positive and happy! It’s like, “what we can do?” I like yoga, and I like to meditate. I like the fact that we have to change our mindset because our world is changing and going in One Direction and then our world is going in a new direction. We have to find new things to do with ourselves. Sunlight is an essential element right now. I understand for all of us spring is here now, we changed our clocks back giving us more daylight time, giving us time for walking, which is elemental to our well-being and fun too. Walking the dog, with the children, possibly your spouse or partner. This gives the opportunity for excellent communication. Or just playing with the kids and pooch, or grandkids. Who doesn’t want to play once in a while? The most important thing is to stay away from the TV. Going for walks provides Vitamin D which is so crucial for our immune system to remain healthy. You feel good walking, I know I do. Looking at nature now because it’s starting to pop and come out of the ground. It makes you smile to see all the beautiful things life does has to offer. I was reading an article the other day it was about our energy and our mindsets and how we relate to people. How we need people. We need to love people and need our families to like to touch one another and hug one another. It makes us happy, it’s a super energy connection between two people and families. I believe families are getting closer now because of all the things that are happening round the world. Just realizing how important we all are. It all has to do with our perception and energy to become happier and healthier and to make our lives fun.

Love and Light