Using a Ouija Board – Is it Good or Bad?

Is using a Ouija board good or bad? Much like a gun, the answer is both. A gun in the hands of a police officer can protect someone, but in the hands of a criminal…that’s a different story. Using a Ouija Board truly depends on who’s using it and for what purpose.

Although I personally don’t use Ouija’s, some psychic readers do. But they understand important factors that many novices overlook. If you seriously want to contact to someone who’s departed, then it’s always best to contact a psychic like myself. But if you do decide to try your hands at using a Ouija, here are a few ‘must know’ facts…

  1. If you’re prone to superstitious fears, then avoid Ouija Boards. The reason is you don’t know if you’ll get a ‘good spirit’ or an ‘evil spirit.’ Evil spirits, just like evil people, thrive on fear, so you do need a strong sense of self.
  2. If you do connect, don’t believe everything you’re told. Just like the living world, there are tricksters out there looking to take advantage of you.
  3. Don’t ask stupid questions. What’s qualifies as stupid? Anything of major consequence like your relationships, your career or your death. Again, some spirits might have answers; others might be pulling your leg. The problem is you don’t know the difference.
  4. If things take a dark twist, put it away. You don’t need any bad karma happening, which can only be rectified by a priest willing to perform a cleansing. Negative energy feeds on fear, and although it might seem exciting, it can have bad consequences. Again, this goes back to point one and ‘know thyself.’ When you have self-confidence, then you’re not easily manipulated – whether it’s coming from your boss at work or a Ouija board. Always remember you are the one who’s in control here.
  5. Be sure you’re using a Ouija board with someone else at all times. Never go it alone. Even trained psychics who use a Ouija board have someone present. Now if you’re using a Ouija board to improve your own psychic development, then try scrying, tarot and runes, since they are better tools for beginners.
  6. If you find yourself ‘needing’ to use a Ouija board or you have a feeling of dread or fear (as in number four), stop immediately.

Again, like a firearm, using a Ouija board is only as dangerous as you make it. Some people have self-control and self-assurance, so they can handle it. But if you have any doubts at all then using a Ouija board simply isn’t for you and you shouldn’t do it.