Tips for Finding Your Soulmate

What’s a soulmate? Basically it’s someone you connect with on several levels and who shares many of your views on life. The love is incredibly intense, so much so that your soulmate is an extension of you because there is a bond that is unbreakable between you. So how do you find this person? Actually, there are a few tips to finding your soulmate.

Tips for Finding Your Soulmate

1. Rather than ‘waiting’ for the one, be proactive by becoming the person you would love to love. Are you short tempered? Work on your patience. Do you lack listening skills? Make more of an effort to hear others. In short, work on being the best person you can be. You’ve got a greater chance of finding your soulmate if you feel comfortable, confident and happy to be you. So the adage of ‘loving yourself first’ does have some merit.

2. Keep an open mind. Your soulmate might not be what you expect. Besides isn’t part of the romantic mystique being pleasantly surprised by finding your soulmate? It could be someone who’s shorter, older, etc. than you expect. It might even someone of the same/different gender (depending on your sexual orientation). The point is, never rule out the chance of love.

3. Be patient. You might meet your soulmate at your eighth birthday party…or when you’re 80 in a nursing home. While imagining a lifelong love affair can be great, remember that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. So be sure you have other ways to feel fulfilled.

4. Look at people for who they are and not who you want them to be. Sometimes you’re so set on ‘finding your soulmate’ that you’re looking in the wrong place by projecting fantasies on the wrong person. When that happens, you might miss the real deal.

5. Remember life isn’t perfect. Finding your soulmate doesn’t mean you’ll live “happily ever after” because, again, life happens and it’s not perfect. Remember too that finding your soulmate might not happen in this lifetime. It might be the next one, or the next one, or the one after that.

Just remember that finding your soulmate doesn’t make your life simpler and at times it can be down right hard. Also remember, true love is something that requires care and nurturing. But soulmate or not, when you find someone with whom you can grow with, and grow together with, then you can face any challenges that come your way.