Tips for Communicating with the Deceased

Absolutely, although psychics are more in tune with communicating with a deceased person so they know what to look for.

For example, have you ever smelled your mother’s perfume when you’re totally alone? Does it feel like your brother’s hands are on your shoulders sometimes? Have the lights or radio ever turned off and on with no explanation? Has an image ever appeared in your mind or have you heard the voice of a loved one who’s passed away in your head for no reason? All of these things can be signs that show communicating with a deceased person is possible.

So it’s not a matter of IF communicating with a deceased person is possible – it’s really about whether you’re OPEN to the possibility of communicating with a deceased person. Most people fail for two main reasons…

1. They tell themselves intellectually it’s impossible.

2. They’re obsessed about communicating with the departed loved one to the point of distraction.

If one, or both, of these things happen then it blocks communicating with a deceased person. Here’s the story to illustrate what I mean…
One of my clients lost her father in 2006. She always believed in the ‘supernatural’ based on her own psychic experiences and she felt that communicating with a deceased person IS possible.

A few weeks after her father’s funeral she was watching a television show they both enjoyed and would discuss every day – The Colbert Report. One night, as she was laughing at the jokes, she smelled her father’s cologne out of nowhere. It wasn’t overpowering, just a subtle reminder that he was still watching with her.

A few months later she was painting her bathroom when she heard a tremendous noise like a sonic boom. She raced out to see if something had fallen over. Upon seeing nothing out of place she headed back toward the bathroom, totally confused. But before she could finish the journey, she distinctively heard her father’s voice saying, in her head, “Look out the picture window.” Although still confused, she turned and looked outside to see her mailbox door open and her mail scattered around the street and yard.

Now her mother hadn’t any sensory experiences to indicate he was around. But then again, she was never really convinced that communicating with a deceased person was possible, unlike her daughter. But her daughter told her about the experiences she’d been having, at which point her daughter reassured the mother that he is still around – he just isn’t able to reply in the way they’d always know. And that maybe, someday, when her mother least expects it, she might experience the same thing.

Sure enough… a few months later, when her mother’s grief wasn’t as powerful, it did. Her mother was absently washing dishes, something they did together, when suddenly she too smelled his cologne. From that time forward she began to spot the little clues he was leaving for her to find, too.

The point of this story is to show that if you believe communicating with a deceased person is possible, and you’re not buried in grief, you too have the ability to let them into your life. You don’t need a psychic for that. The power is in your own hands.