Techniques to Increase Psychic Abilities

One of the ways that you can increase your psychic ability is through active meditation. Your psychic energy isn’t as strong when your attention is divided. That’s why meditation helps keep you centered. When your mind is scattered it’s hard to focus on a single thing but mediation helps. The great thing about using meditation to enhance your psychic ability is that it doesn’t take much time. Even if you meditate for short spans at a time everyday it will help.

Techniques for Psychic Meditation

Sit still in a chair with your feet flat on the floor so you are in a relaxed, upright position. Close your eyes and focus on the immediate space around your body. In psychic terms, this area is called the aura. Pay attention to all the signs your body and mind is sending to see if you feel unbalanced. For example, do you feel more energy behind you when compared to space in front of you? In order to achieve greater psychic ability you need your aura to be balanced so that energy comes to you as strongly in every direction.

How to Balance Your Aura in Psychic Meditation

You often find when you first began psychic meditation that other thoughts beginning crossing your mind. Having a clear mind is important but just as important you shouldn’t try to push these other thoughts away. The reason is that whatever you might be thinking about these things are important in your life right now. Observing these destructions to your energy flow as a bit like looking around a room and making note of your surroundings by seeing who’s around you or what physical objects are there. So observe them but don’t dwell on them.

To clear your head take a couple deep breaths and close your eyes. I’ve found that imagining a big ball of light above your head seems to work best. For me this ball is green in color, but yours can be any color you like. This ball represents all your misplaced energy that’s returning to one focal point. When you can gather your energy into this ball you are then able to fill up your whole body and your aura with this ‘collected’ energy.

Once you’ve achieved the state of higher awareness, you’ll find that when you open your eyes things look and feel different. Try doing this practice a couple of times everyday. The reason is the more practice you have, the more intuitive you’ll become. By creating the space to be yourself, and the more acutely aware you are of your surroundings, the more you’ll find unexpected events rarely occur. When you develop the skill you’ll find the things you may desire like wealth, love and greater health can be yours.