Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels: What’s The Difference?

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are often thought of being the same thing, but really they’re not. While it’s true they are both spiritual beings, just like us, there is a distinct difference.

Your personal spirit guide is with you through all realms – here and the afterlife. Their main purpose is to steer you into a desired situation that will provide some kind of life lesson. They pick you and they’re your guide from your first birth on earth and all your lives thereafter. By doing this it helps them too since it helps them progress to the next step in their spiritual evolution. But there are more spirit guides aside from your personal spirit guide and they include…

  • Your animal spirit guide
  • Your spirit teacher
  • Your spirit doctor (be it health or even finance) and
  • Your spirit principal guide

The principal guide monitors the others, but no single guide is more important than another – they all play an equally important role.

Clarence…and Other Guardian Angels

Just about everyone has seen the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” For those few that don’t know the premise, George Bailey is a suicidal man who gains the attention of his guardian angel, Clarence, on Christmas Eve. Clarence’s task is to help George by showing him how his life has changed the world for the better. In convincing George that life is worth living, Clarence ‘get his wings’ to be a full-fledged angel.

Although a work of fiction, this story does touch on many true angel beliefs. Your guardian angel is always with you and knows you better than anyone, including yourself. Why? Your angel knows God’s perspective and has spent so much time observing you. This allows them to subtly guide you throughout your life. Much like Clarence and George, your guardian angel loves to interact with you, and develops a strong relationship. When this happens, your angel provides spiritual and emotional growth and sees you through your troubles by providing guidance.

The Difference Comes Down to Beliefs

Sounds like spiritual guides and angels are the same, doesn’t it? But it really comes down to your point of view. The Gnostic religious view says we planned out our lives before incarnation and the role of the spiritual guide is to help us along the journey we’ve chosen.

For devote Christians, The Holy Spirit should be the only spirit to adhere to since spiritual guides are really demons misrepresenting themselves as angels of light. Many also believe that God would not approve of spirits or humans breaking his commands and forbids humans with making contact with the dead.

Obviously, I believe in the Gnostic view. I see the psychic gifts I possess being the work of God. My spiritual guides don’t help me in foretelling other people’s futures, but they do help keep me personally on the right path. I do believe that angels walk among us and I believe when our loved ones pass they don’t simply ‘leave.’

So do you believe that spiritual guides are demons in disguise? Do you think angels are never seen or heard from? Tell me your thoughts…