Six Tips For Getting the Best Psychic Reading

As a Michigan psychic I see people from all over the Midwest. I even ‘see’ clients on the other side of the country via phone psychic readings. In all of these years of using my gifts, I’ve noticed there are a few things that help people get the best psychic readings and they’re things you can do too…

1) Relax. I can’t ‘stress’ this enough, no pun intended. Energy flows much better when you relax your mind. So if you’re nervous, it’s okay to say so. Sometimes small talk with your psychic can put you at ease.

2) Consider what you want from your reading. Would you like to contact a deceased loved one? Keep that in mind going into the reading.

3) Avoid vague questions. Rather than ask if you and your mother-in-law will ever see eye to eye, be more specific. Ask what steps would improve your relationship with her. When you do this, it allows your psychic to get deeper into what’s really happening.

4) Stay positive with an open mind. It’s okay not to give anything away about yourself during a psychic reading. In truth, you shouldn’t say very much at all. The important part here is to avoid putting up a psychic wall. What is that exactly? It means going into a reading assuming you’ll get nothing out of it. For example, maybe your dear Aunt Betty had a collection of glass dolls she always loved. If your psychic doesn’t mention the dolls at all don’t discredit the reading. Your relatives show us what they want us to see, not what YOU EXPECT to see. So keep your mind open to what they are trying to convey to you.

5) Take notes or record the session. The best psychics don’t mind being recorded. What doesn’t make sense at that very moment of a psychic reading might become crystal clear when you hear it a second time. Plus, when you record it, you can relax and not worry about having to ‘remember’ everything that’s said.

6) Avoid distractions. Sometimes in a crowded hall that’s not always easy, but chasing after your children, playing with a smartphone, etc. will give you a horrible reading.

If you can remember these six tips you too can have the best psychic readings from a great psychic.