Tips for Cheap Psychic Readings

April 16, 2014

If you're like most people, you've probably done a search for cheap psychic readings, but came up empty. You're probably left wondering is it even possible to find affordable psychics? The answer is... yes and no.


One way to save is to visit New Age shops because sometimes they have psychic development classes -- that means they need people as volunteers. Another option is finding someone new to being a professional medium. Newbies are often trying to build a client last so they offer substantial discounts. Keep in mind though, your results can be hit or miss.


One of the most popular means for cheap psychic readings are attending psychic fairs. Quite often, since the readings are a shorter, like 20 min. instead of an hour, the price costs less. Plus, this gives you a chance to try other psychics at the fair to find one that you really like. Many people asked me why I do psychic fairs. Primarily, the reason is I get to connect with past people while also meeting new folks.


There are few things you certainly don't want to do when it comes to searching for cheap psychic readings. While there are some hotlines that are rather reputable, and I actually belong to one, some locations offer free readings but failed to mention the costs that began after certain time period, like the 5 minute mark, for example. When looking for a scam, it's also best to use your judgment. This might include ignoring sites that don't appear professional or anyone who might advertisement on places like craigslist that insist you meet at their home.


If you're interested in doing a psychic reading, you can see me at a lot of local fairs in the southeastern Michigan area or you can contact me directly seven days a week, 24 hours a day via e-mail to do psychic readings over the phone.



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