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What types of psychic powers can you expect? The answer is everything. While I do many of these Michigan Psychic Services  at area psychic fairs, I can also do them for your private functions or over the phone. Let me put my psychic abilities to work for you with any of these services:

Angel cards readings offer you the chance to find out more about your guardian angel, something that everyone has. Click HERE to find out more.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ll use the power of suggestion so you’re able to improve the condition of your life. Learn more HERE.

Clairaudients (not clairaudiance as some people mistakenly say) is another way to describe people with psychic hearing. Learn more by clicking HERE.

Palmistry goes by many names - psychic palm reading, chiromancy or hand analysis – but they all mean foretelling the future through studying your palm. Learn MORE...

Spiritual reading, aka spirit channeling, is where you have psychic access to a particular deceased person, much like James Van Praagh does for his clients. Read and learn more HERE.

As a clairvoyant psychic, I’ll help you understand your past, present and possible future. Learn more about this service HERE .

A psychic medium can see the future, but it’s a psychic counselor, like me, who helps you put that information to good use. Learn more HERE today.

Using tarot cards, we'll gain insight into current events and possible future situations in your life. Plus, your reading is done from any location – in person or on the phone. Find out more by clicking HERE.

In addition to psychic fairs, my services are available for:


  • Phone Psychic Readings

  • Company Outings

  • Family Reunions

  • School Reunions

  • High School Lock-Ins

  • Graduation Parties

  • Halloween Parties

  • Holiday Parties

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Wine Parties

  • Other Special Get-togethers


And remember, although I’m a Michigan clairvoyant, many out-of-state clients do psychic phone consultations with me. Most of my psychic services I can do from any location, but others require meeting you personally, such as hypnotherapy.


If an event you’re interested in hosting isn’t listed in the SHOP, just contact me directly. I’ll be happy to send you a specialized, custom quote for your occasion.

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