Prediction Reading: What Is it?

A ‘prediction reading’ is when a psychic tells you what will happen in the future. Keep in mind though — there’s this thing called ‘Free Will’. I can tell someone that they’ll meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger at a party because that’s what I see. I can predict what the person’s name or initials might mean. However, if you decide to not attend any parties your ‘free will’ is changing the course of events.

Of course ‘free will’ isn’t always a bad thing. For example, if you’re in an abusive relationship, I might see that relationship continuing if you stay on the current path. However, if you take steps to change your situation, such as you use your ‘free will’ to leave, then you could be on the road to a much happier life.

So what happens in a prediction psychic reading? I can’t speak for other psychics but there are basically three things I do with clients:

  • tune into your energy by joining hands in a physical reading
  • connect with our spirit guides (both yours and mine)
  • interpret my tarot cards you’ve shuffled

In my prediction readings, I use these tools to see into your past, gauge what’s going on now (the present) and where you’re headed on your current path (the future). Notice, however, I said ‘current path’. Everyone has the power to change the direction of their life so there are no guarantees. The best thing about a prediction reading is you’ll have the power to see what possibilities lay ahead (for better or worse) and make the choices that are in your best interest.