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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

I want to write about unconditional love today! and the reason is it's so important to have love in your life and it doesn't mean to have another person or a man or relationship but what it means is love in opening your heart chakra cause when I find people whose hearts are not open their relationships go backwards then they get depressed and their life seems to not to be happy and then they can't find anything that makes them happy sometimes it's having a dog or Kitty cat. the love of life that was the main thing we all come here to have an adventure and as we go through this adventure of course there is always Ups & downs, but we dan have a way of having a beautiful life if we put love or unconditional love in it. Unconditional love has different meanings to different people it's not a science. I asked a couple people what they thought unconditional love was And I was surprised because their meaning of unconditional love was not the same as mine in my meaning of unconditional life love is constantly loving something without conditions just to be happy to please someone or something that makes you feel good.

life is too short for anger issues we're trying to push your way through life it's kind of like going for a walk out the door you start your day and you see things that are beautiful or you don't see things at all you don't see the grass the trees anything beautiful as you walk out the door you feel miserable you have to go to work get the kids to where they need to go you don't have time to see to feel any kind of love it all, you're just going through the motions but if you see and you touch things that Are beautiful there's a feeling in that beautiful there's an energy there that opens your heart and you just feel absolutely wonderful about everything and then your life changes you are beautiful Your heart chakra is open and that's what this is all about when your heart is open to love unconditional love there's a feeling and emotion that makes you feel so wonderful and then that emotion and love that you feel this felt by the next person you meet love doesn't always come people love comes with a feeling and emotion a fantasy how your heart feels.

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Love & Light Pauline Dettloff

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