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Article Body Mine Spirit May 2019

No such thing as negative

I know I'm going to get a lot of people saying that what I'm thinking is not true. there is no such thing as negativity energy! it's our perception of the way we look at life. as I think about it and a lot has happened in my life that is made me change this way, I wake up in the morning I open my eyes my life is beautiful as I see it and I visual what I want to do for the day, and go about my day there's a lot that happens to me through the day there's work computers, people, children, adults, as you look at it we run into all kinds of people all day long most of them are not happy, Why, let's talk about the people we work with there's always that one person that just doesn't want to agree with us or be happy they're not negative we think their negative but they don't think they're negative it's our perception again. There is only one energy that comes into the universe and that energy is not positive energy or negative energy it’s just energy that comes to us though the universe. Have you look at the beautiful flowers that the Universe makes it’s never wrong on what Mother nature does with everything she makes things in all kinds of color, shape, sizes, and people come that way, also I think we made the word up because it controls our day all day if something doesn't happen our way it becomes negative if someone doesn't agree with us they become crazy negative, I wonder where that came from who started the negative energy the words that come with it like toxic how many people called their husbands Mother sister brother boss who ever you can think of toxic. (Where the unconditional Love)

Sometimes I think it’s because we are just angry, because we can’t have are way

It made us feel better to blame someone or somethings

Have you ever sat in a chair put a camera on the Celling and relived yesterday?

And see how many times you were mad and had a negative moment or

Thought it could be a few, or a lot. let’s have fun here try this and see how many

Times. It’s also a great way in looking in to changing the way we are thinking, because could you Go a hole day? Without a negative thought. That is a great question.

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