If you need a phone psychic Ohio is a great place to look. But if you want the best of the best, then you need to call phone psychic, Pauline. For many years, she’s talked to folks searching for a…


    Georgia psychic,

    Michigan psychic,

    Illinois psychic and

    Florida psychic, to name a few popular areas.


But these aren’t the only locations she’s helped. She’s a live psychic who does psychic phone readings for a flat rate to any location in the U.S. But what does ‘flat rate’ phone psychic readings mean? We’ll explain…

Why should you pick a phone psychic with flat rates?


Often a psychic by phone, or an online psychic, will charge you on a minute-by-minute basis. The longer they keep you on the line, the more money THEY make. The bad part is you often can’t relax enough to enjoy psychic readings by phone. You spend so much time looking at the clock instead of listening to what your phone psychic is actually saying.


That’s why Pauline only does flat rate readings. You can actually digest the psychic advice she gives you, without having to worry about how long you’ve been on the line. However, more than the price, is the accuracy you’ll encounter with Pauline, like Nadine M says…


"I could be here all day listing everything Pauline knew, like how my father died and the circumstances around it, which weren't typical, by the way. Or how she knew of my husband's work change when he wasn't looking for a job switch. She even knew about a medical problem that I had, but told no one about...So, if you want someone to offer insight into your life, and those you love, Pauline's the one for you."


Do you want some clarification on where you’ve been, but also some direction on where you’re going? The answer is you can. And the great news is it only costs $70 for a half-hour reading, which is less than the rate of $2.99 per minute that most phone psychics charge for readings that is less accurate than Pauline's reading.


So if you want readings like Nadine’s that are ‘hair on the back of the neck accurate’ as it relates to your life, and the people around you, call Pauline to set up your OH phone psychic reading today at 1-877-4MY-READ (877-469-7323).



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