Michigan Psychic Fair (Charlie & His Mom)

A young woman showed up at one of our recent psychic fairs with a large blue cat carrier. Inside was a lovely silver tabby by the name of Charlie. Charlie’s Mom had brought him for a session with Pauline, who has a long history reading of Michigan Psychic Fair’s two-legged customers. Charlie was a healthy, happy boy, but he occasionally was acting out and his mom wanted to find out why and if there was anything she could do to help.

Most animals are not eagerly awaiting word of when their One True Love will come into their lives. And they generally aren’t concerned about how their careers are advancing. So, why would an animal need a psychic reading? Our companions aren’t very fluent in the human language. And, while we do our best to understand when they need to go for a walk, are hungry, or want their bellies scratched, we don’t always understand the more complex messages they want us to get. A good animal psychic can help an owner make that connection with an animal and get beyond the language barrier.