Phone Psychic in Michigan

A MI phone psychic will often speak to you in generalizations for two reasons:

  1. The more ‘minutes’ you’re on the phone with a live psychic, the more money they make.
  2. Generalizations provide the illusion that what they’re saying is ‘correct’. This includes things like, ‘You had a pet you loved as a child,’ which is true for about 90% of the population.

But imagine talking to a phone psychic who, not only does psychic phone readings, but also charges one flat fee for a block of time so you get an accurate, no rush reading. It is possible with phone psychic Pauline.

Why Is a Flat Fee Important to Phone Psychic Readings?

Some people try an online psychic, but with online psychic readings you just don’t get the same connection as you do with phone psychics. However, the problem with phone psychics is they do their best to keep you on the line longer because they get paid by the minute.

However, with phone psychic Pauline, you’ll not only have an accurate psychic doing your phone psychic reading, you know the cost upfront with no surprises. You can relax and enjoy your time with a phone psychic rather than ‘watching the clock’ and worrying about the minutes. When you relax, you get more out of the reading, such as retaining more of what your phone psychic has to say.

What makes Pauline so unique though isn’t her flat rate system. It’s her insight and accuracy. You can ask her clients, like Wendy A, who says…”You said, “You have two daughters whose names start with A & J.” and I about fell off of my chair. You not only knew their names, but also knew about their upcoming wedding as well, with no additional info from me. Amazing!”

There’s also Amy, who says…

“My husband and I were having problems getting pregnant, and I was so upset about it. Well, you said that I would be pregnant in three months, and it would be a girl!! I am so happy to say that in three months I WAS pregnant, and she IS a beautiful baby girl!! I am looking forward to another reading soon!”

These are only two of thousands of lives who have been touched by Pauline’s gift of clairvoyance. So if you’re looking for psychic advice from a real psychic then call Pauline.

While another phone psychic with her skills might charge hundreds of dollars, her rate is only $70 for a half-hour reading.

That’s less than the rate of $2.99 a minute that many Michigan phone psychics charge for readings that are nothing more than ‘guesswork.’ So if you’ve been looking for a phone psychic – one who is a truly professional psychic – look no further than Pauline. Get started and call toll-free to set your appointment… 1-877-4MY-READ (877-469-7323).