Metaphysical Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re thinking of buying metaphysical gifts for Christmas you’re not alone. Many people consider looking into spiritual psychic healing and mystical gifts. You can find many new age supplies like psychic jewelry at places like zero point, my metaphysical gifts store. Knowing what to buy though might be difficult if you’re not trained in spiritual psychic healing. So here’s a brief run down of the five types of stones my store carries and what purpose each one serves:

If you’re searching for a mineral for good spiritual cleansing and/or development, amethyst is know for helping to calm the mind and achieve higher mental consciousness. This is why it’s an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra. Many people also use it for protection from psychic attacks.

Hematite items make outstanding metaphysical gifts if you need help with relaxation and reducing emotional distress. Since it can absorb negative energy you’ll find that thin rings made of hematite do have a tenancy to suddenly break in high tense locations, such as stressful work environments. It’s also used to aid in sleep, mind clarity and relieving headaches.

You’ll find this stone comes in several colors based on the location they are mined, but they all share the same properties. For example, if you’re feeling fatigued or you want to increase pleasure in your life, opalite helps. It stimulates creativity, organizational skills and can help with food disorders too.

If you want metaphysical gifts that provide a great source for protection, grounding and clarity, then tiger eye is what you need. For more advanced users, it also contains elements for past life regression protection and astral travel protection.

People can drain your energy and green aventurine makes an excellent ‘shield.’ It also helps balancing and aligning several aspects of oneself, like the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It’s used mostly for the heart chakra, but it enhances leadership qualities too.

If you think you’d like to surprise someone you love this holiday season with some of these metaphysical gifts then be sure to check out any of the offerings in the SHOP today.