Psychic Readings for Pets in Michigan

I can’t say I ‘talk to dead animals’ as I do with people. However, I CAN feel their presence, their emotional states and their influence over the physical realm. And I do believe that animals have a way of communicating in the afterlife… and they can communicate with other animals in this world. That might seem confusing so here’s a great example…

I have a friend / client that lost a cat named Baby that she adored. They were together for 21 years before Baby passed of cancer. My friend didn’t immediately get another cat. She specifically looked for one that would have been born ‘after’ Baby had died (with the hope they would meet again in this life). When she did find another cat, Paul, it wasn’t just the physical resemblance that drew her — this new cat’s voice sounded like her deceased pet. As time went on, she started to notice it wasn’t just his look or voice, but his one-of-a-kind behaviors too (like playing fetch, following her room-to-room, etc.). Essentially, Paul had all of Baby’s characteristics (not to mention many behaviors that none of her other cats shared). All evidence would point that Paul WAS Baby.

She asked me if this could be her deceased pet reincarnated. While I do think we have the ability to return to this world, pet reincarnation wasn’t the case this time. Paul was ‘a brand new cat’, but something interested HAD happened.

Baby, knowing how much she was loved and would be missed, SENT Paul to my friend. Consider this: Have you ever meet a friend or a lover at a time when you really needed someone in your life? Sometimes it’s not an accident. I believe our departed loved ones – be them humans or animals – have the power to send their energies into the world after they’ve gone. When that happens, they have the power of suggestion in their favor. That means they can tell those on the earth to come to us; help us (even if those people don’t realize they’re being told). I firmly believe Baby told Paul what it would take to be loved and prized in my friend’s household… and he ‘listened’.

So I’m not a pet psychic who can tell you that your dog is angry when you’re at work during the day. However, I can feel the kind of energy going on around your pet. This can help you to perhaps figure out why they exhibit particular behaviors. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’ve got a pet psychic question, like my client above, just contact me. Whether it’s you, your four-legged friend or winged companion, let me help.