Improving Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition. Some people’s intuition is stronger than others. Why? Some people are simply more in tune with their psychic ability, which is part of intuition. As for psychic ability, it’s a bit like our human bodies. When you don’t exercise your muscles, you lose them. So it only stands to reason that when people don’t follow their instincts (or they totally ignore them), their intuition becomes “flabbly.”

So the main key to improving your intuition is to be more of an active participant in your life.

People who often ‘stick their head in the sand’ are also the same people who say they never saw the big events coming in their life. While it’s true we all can be blindsided from time to time, for the most part, people who are intuitive are those who are connected to their surroundings and ‘saw it coming.’

Now the surroundings might mean family, friends, coworkers, or even a pencil that sits on the desk. The point is they know their environment, no matter where they are. The environment might be a place that they visit everyday or could be a place they’ve never been at all.

When people open up their physical senses (like sight, hearing, smell, etc.) they’re bringing in the energy from around them. This energy, or life force, travels through everything in the world. If you have any chance of improving intuition, you need to be able to relate to everything around you. Here’s an exercise to help get you on the path to greater awareness.

Play guessing games. For example, before you open your eggs, guess how many are left inside the carton. Another game might be guessing the next song on the radio or how many pieces of mail you’ll find in your mailbox before you open it. You’ll find that over time your accuracy begins to improve – so much that it might actually alarm you. What you’re doing is exercising your psychic muscle and getting into shape again.

Find things you can do to connect you to your environment. If you can do that, you’ll discover it’s a perfect way for improving intuition about everything in your life. So whether it’s something simple, like deciding which road to take to get home, or something monumental such as whether to stay in a relationship you’ll start making better choices. When you improve your intuition, you improve the quality of your life, and even the lives of those around you.