Illinois Phone Psychic Extraordinaire… Pauline

Illinois phone psychic readings can vary greatly from each live psychic you speak to. The problem is many phone psychics usually charge by the minute, whether they be a Georgia psychic, Michigan psychic, Ohio psychic, Illinois psychic, Florida psychic, etc. While paying by the minute might seem like a cheaper option, in reality, it’s not. That means if you’re looking for a thorough phone psychic reading, one that’s enjoyable and doesn’t end up costing you a fortune, you need a professional psychic who does flat-rate billing.

Demand more than just flat-rate psychic phone readings…Get an accurate psychic by phone…

Pauline is an experienced, accurate psychic. She’s been doing readings for decades, and she charges her clients a flat rate, so they don’t have to spend their time worrying about the cost or how much time they’ve used. She wants them to focus on the psychic advice she offers, instead of watching the clock. That way her clients have a more fulfilling reading and her gifts aren’t going to waste. However, beyond the monetary savings her clients experience, she also has an uncanny ability to see where people have been and where they are going. Just listen to one of her clients, Penny G…

“I’m still in shock that you knew so much about me and my family. I was surprised you didn’t really ask me any questions, and you automatically knew how many children I have and that I was in a struggle with my sister, not to mention my moms’ illness that an average person wouldn’t know…You have amazing talent!”

Have you tried an online psychic or done online psychic readings where all you got were generalizations about your life? If so, you’re not alone. But today that changes. Pauline is a real psychic, not a wannabe. Don’t believe it? Find out for yourself.

It only costs $70 for a 30-minute reading – that’s less than $2.99 a minute, the rate that many psychic readings by phone cost. You can have a reading in the privacy of your home, and you can ENJOY the time you spend (rather than looking at your watch the entire time). So if you’re ready for a reading unlike any IL psychic phone readings you’ve had before then call toll-free today to schedule your appointment…1-877-4MY-READ (877-469-7323).