How Positive Thinking Can Make for a Happy New Year

Happy New Year is a phrase that many people say, but it seems like a hollow expression. That’s because few people focus on the ‘happy’ part of the idiom. In order to have Happy New Year (or happy day, week or month) you need to focus on the positive.

Consider this…

Have you ever had a friend who always seems to have bad luck? Every time you speak to them they always have a ‘tale of woe’ that’s happening to them.

There’s an old expression that we create our own luck. What that means is, if we have a positive disposition, even in the face of adversity, we’re more likely to lead happy and fulfilling lives. In short, we’re more likely to experience good luck.

The reason why is rather simple. Negative energy attracts negative events. Positive energy attracts positive events. So there is a fair amount of truth when people say your situation can improve depending on your state of mind. If you view the world in a positive light, and don’t focus on ‘the woe’ that positive energy comes back to you. Having a bad attitude, however, pulls negative energy near you. So if you always have a bad attitude the negative energy never leaves.

Creating a Happy New Year: Moving Beyond Empty Words

If you like to have a Happy New Year be sure remember the positive (and tell others how they can have a happy new year too). You can do this in a number of ways. It might mean taking time to meditate on a regular basis or examining situations in your life and visualizing the best possible outcomes.

You can focus on anything you desire too – whether it’s your work situation, family, romance, growing your wealth, or just general happiness. That’s not to say that you won’t experience misfortune. Everyone has hardships; that’s life. However, it’s how you handle those misfortunes that matters most. You can minimize any negative energy by creating more positive energy around you with happy thoughts.

In the end, always look on the bright side of life. It’s not just about finding happiness in the world, but rather finding happiness inside yourself in all you do (yes, even things you might not like all the time). Because by being in a happy frame of mind, you attract even more happiness and positive energy. And when that happens, you’ll find you can lead to a more contented life and have a truly ‘Happy New Year’ year after year.