How Often Should I Get Psychic Readings?

For me, personally, I look at the reason why my clients seek psychic advice, rather than how many sessions they do. There are number of reasons the people consult me, which can include seeking clarity or insight into a situation, validating an underlying feeling about someone or something, greater understanding of life lessons, identifying possible future outcomes, etc.

However, seeking psychic advice shouldn’t be used as a crutch. If you can’t make any decisions in life without consulting me, or another psychic, it can become a hindrance. Plus, excessive visits are productive. Consider this: too much of anything is never a good thing, and that includes psychic readings.

So how do you know if you have an problem or an addiction to psychics? There are a few things to look for such as dependency. Some psychics will do consultations on a daily basis for some people. Personally, I find the practice to be ethically irresponsible. So, if you have a psychic who has no issue with seeing you every day, think twice about their services.

Another issue to look for is depression. If seeing a psychic no longer makes you happy or joyful, or in extreme cases it makes you feel suicidal, then you should stop seeking psychic advice and find professional mental health experts.

Another scenario to be mindful of is if nothing changes in your readings. For example, if you only focus on one area of your life, such as your love life or your work life, then you may be fixating a bit too much on one aspect of your life, which isn’t very healthy.

So, keep these thoughts in mind as you seek out psychic advice from me or any other psychic out there