How Much Should a Telephone Psychic Reading Cost?

After working as a Michigan psychic for decades, one of the questions I find people often ask is, “How much should I pay for a good phone psychic?” The answer is there is no set amount and even if there was there are other facts to consider. For example, how much time do you expect during your psychic phone consultation? Many sites will offer a free reading of 5 minutes or less, but that’s not enough time for proper reading. A half an hour to an hour is usually a good time frame.

A number of people find that reputable readers find they charge between $70-$170 for an hour session. The trick (if you can call it that) is finding a reader that you like. Too often people will go to what I call budget psychic readers who will do a psychic reading for $20 or $30. In the end, they come away with nothing except empty pockets. However, for those people willing to spend a little extra, they often find their money is better spent on someone they can trust.

Depending on the type of show I’m doing, or the type of reading I’m asked to do, my own rates fall within these guidelines. I often tell people looking for a new psychic to check places, like my event page, to see if I’ll be in the area. That way you can try a cheaper 20 minute reading to test my skill. This way you have a psychic you can return to time and time again — that way you’re not wasting money on false readings, over and over, which can add up over time