How Do Candle Colors Affect Psychic Abilities?

Candles can be used to enhance meditation techniques and the colors that you pick can help in your spiritual journey. So if you’re looking to achieve a greater awareness and a stronger sense of energy in your meditation sessions, here are a few colors and what they mean:

White candles – White candles represent God’s energy and promote inner peace. If you find you need help staying focused while meditating, white candles help provide that kind of ‘centering.’

Black candles – Black candles are actually candles associated with luck or protection. They are also great source used to signifying the end of something like the life of a loved one or a relationship since they ward off negative thoughts and help the healing process.

Healing candles – Orange candles not only represents healing of the body, but also creativity in sexual activities. Dark pink candles are often use for unconditional love, but they also aid spiritual healing too.

Relationship candles – Relationship candles are always the most popular. They come in different colors, depending on your needs. For example, red candles release passion, power, energy and sexual excitement. Blue candles are excellent if you’re looking for greater understanding with your mate. Pink candles are perfect for unlocking love, romance and spiritual awakening with a partner.

Luck candles – Candles for luck depend on the type of fortune you’re looking for. If you want greater financial prosperity then green candles are what you need. Green candles can also help if you’re hoping to have a child, a successful marriage or overall good fortune. If you wish to be more intuitive, and therefore luckier, then indigo candles are the way to go.

Success candles – If you’ve considered lighting candles for success, there are two colors worth mentioning – yellow candles and purple candles. Yellow candles signify greater intellect and stronger will. They are also used for increased psychic awareness and clairvoyance. Likewise, purple candles stimulate extra-ordinary awareness, but they also increase a sense of dignity, spirituality and vibrancy needed to attract and influence people.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the hues themselves, but also the tone of the color that’s important. For example, if you’re looking for deeper passion then go with a dark red candle. You can also use multiple candles for the same results. For instance, this might mean using a black candle AND a light red candle for the same effect as a dark red candle.