How Can I Increase My Intuition

Some people who come to see me will discuss their life events and say, “I never saw it coming.” That led me to wonder this question, “Why are some people more intuitive than others?” The short answer? Most people aren’t good listeners… even to themselves. Here’s what I mean…

Everybody has an inner spirit (or hidden self as some people call it). They also have spirit guides, which some call guardian angels or life mentors. Sometimes these spirit guides are departed loved ones (spirits who look after you and try to ‘guide’ you to happiness). The first step is to read the ‘vibes’ going on around you. Life has an ebb and flow. To quote Yoda, ‘life creates it; makes it grow. It’s energy that surrounds us and binds us.’ Yes, ‘the force’ is real. True, you can’t pick up your car off the ground with it or throw an object across the room with the power of your mind, but this vibe does exist.

Everyone at some point has had those good feelings or bad feelings about something in their life. When that happens, that’s your intuition. It’s your inner spirit telling you to pay attention. Some people look deeper into those feelings and consider that vibe very carefully. They make better life choices because they trust those ‘feelings’. Others, unfortunately, teach themselves to ignore it because they don’t like what it’s telling them.

Now why would anyone ignore that inner voice? Most often it conflicts with their desire and their will of what they want the world to be. For example, you might fall in love with someone at first sight. However, once you actually get to know them, you realize they aren’t the kind of person worthy of your love. What do you do? Your inner voice tells you to ‘run’ but instead you might ignore it and ‘hope’ that person can change (or you believe you somehow have the magical power to change that person). If you continue to ignore those warning voices every time they come up they’ll eventually go away.

That’s when you end up at my table saying, “I never saw it coming.”

Now there are some things that might blindside you – the unexpected death of a loved one, a downsizing at work when the boss said everything was fine, etc. etc. But more often than naught, your inner voice will just ‘give up’ if you stop listening. After all, would you keep talking to a person who’s not listening to you? The good news is you CAN get it back but it takes practice. In fact, it’s much like being a musician

The majority of society has the power to play a musical instrument, but the ones who excel at it develop an ‘ear’. That’s not something that’s ‘taught’ – that comes with the art of listening and retaining what you hear. Intuition is exactly the same. If you listen to that little voice in your head, you can increase your own psychic ability.

So how do you practicing your intuition? Consider the mundane things you do every day and make up exercises, like trying to guess when the light will change color at a traffic spot. Another good one is trying to guess who’s calling you on the phone or texting without looking. When you do these kinds of things, eventually your inner voice will be interested in talking to you again, so the more you practice, the better you’ll be at ‘hearing’ your inner voice. And the better you are at hearing your inner voice, the more happy your life will be