Your Florida Phone Psychic? Pauline!

If you’ve looked for a FL phone psychic, chances are you’ve found people who charge you minute-by-minute rates. While that might seem like the ‘cheaper’ way to contact a live psychic, it can end up costing you more money than opposed to flat rate psychic phone readings. In addition, phone psychic readings that are charge by the minute can be more stressful than enjoyable. The reason is you’re not listening to your phone psychic; you’re watching the clock instead. What’s the point of doing a phone psychic reading if you can’t remember half of what’s been said when you’re done? It’s wasted money.

Why Are Flat-Rate Phone Psychic Readings The Best?

Just like online psychic readings, many phone psychics charge by the minute. When this happens the person getting the reading is often perplexed about the time being used and they miss any psychic advice that’s being dispensed. With a flat rate phone psychic, like Pauline, you know the price so you can relax and actual enjoy the experience. You’re not constantly keeping one eye on the clock to make sure you don’t go over in minutes.

Plus, the price is comparable, or even better, than what you’ll find with psychic readings by phone that are charged by the minute. However, when it comes to professional psychic Pauline’s readings you’ll get an accurate psychic reading that’s so unique and on-the-mark you’ll be left shaking your head in astonishment, like Anna, who says…

“You were my first psychic phone reading and I was so surprised that you knew so much about my husband and I. You amazed me, and the things you told me are coming out just the way you said they would. You also helped my husband and I fix a few problems we were having, and my life is so much better now. A million times, thank you.”

A real psychic can help you too, so if you’ve thought about doing Florida psychic readings by phone, now’s the time. It only costs $70 for a half-hour reading (that’s less than $2.99 a minute that the typical phone psychic charges). With Pauline’s readings though, you’ll find them anything but routine. But see for yourself and get your appointment by calling toll-free…1-877-4MY-READ (877-469-7323).