Cutting Power Cords

People can feel connected to someone, but when it’s time to call it quits (for whatever reason) is there anything psychically you can do to help the process? The answer is yes.

People in relationships (be it family, friends or lovers) have what’s called Psychic Cords. As the name suggests, it means being psychically connected to someone that transcends the five physical senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell). Although psychic energy is free-flowing energy it is possible to get ‘tangled up’ with someone. For example, have you had an exploitive relationship where you give more than you receive? Have you had a friendship that just felt ‘draining?’ Some of the actions in these relationships might be outright hurtful. At other times, perhaps no one has uttered a harsh word. In the end though, it feels like every conversation steals your ‘oomph’ and power. So what do you do when these psychic bonds get to be too much?

The simple answer means mentally cutting the cord.

The first step to cutting psychic cords is to avoid getting angry, resentful or offended with the other party you’re trying to leave. Bring in positive energy by imagining what they want from you being available to them through other avenues and means. This elevates any guilt you might feel for leaving, and it gives you the power to walk away.

Next, mentally ask them to leave you, but wish them well and imagine them being pulled into the light, so they can be healed and revitalized too.

Then imagine a golden cord that links the two of you and cut it with scissors.

The final step is to surround yourself with a protective barrier of light.

What’s unique about this exercise is that it can also be used in a variety of ways when you want to release attachments from things like disappointment, addiction or any relentless problems. Anything that you obsess or worry about (or anything that makes you feel tired and drained) can be a psychic depletion of your energy. However, by cutting psychic cords you can feel revitalized.