Communicating with a Deceased Person

These few tips are designed to create awareness so you can communicate with the deceased.

First, talk to them. They like it, and sometimes, they even answer. Case in point: One client lost her father, a pipe fitter who fixed anything in her home plumbing-wise. When it came time to replace her toilet seat, which had no instructions, she was at a loss. Frustrated, she finally asked out loud, “Dad, what am I doing wrong?” Although she wasn’t expecting an answer, in her mind she heard, “Hold the screw still and turn the bolt.” She repeated the instructions out loud because she had no clue where the idea came from or what it meant. She did exactly what she was told and it started to come off. Of course, she made sure to thank her father when she was done. But remember that many times this connection isn’t instantaneous…but talking doesn’t hurt.

Many times when you communicate with the deceased they speak to you in your dreams. Tracy Nelson is an actress and the daughter of the late singer Ricky Nelson (and niece to actor Mark Harmon). She began feeling ill and tired, but pushed it aside. Then one night, she had a dream of her deceased father coming to her. She told People Magazine about the troubling, but prophetic dream: “My father called me on the phone and said, “I know you miss me, but it’s not time for you to die. You have to go see a doctor.” She did and found out she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her chest and the diagnosis was Hodgkin’s Disease. To this day, Tracy credits the doctors, but also her dead father, with saving her life. So be sure to keep a notepad by your bed to record those dreams that featured your loved ones. It might not be such a dire message as the one Tracy received, but if you wait until you’re fully awake, you might forget what your loved one is trying to tell you, so make notes.

Don’t believe in coincidences. When you communicate with the deceased, it often happens in little ways. Again, although you shouldn’t obsess over things, try to note the odd things that happen from time-to-time, such as a familiar smell, a radio that turns to a favorite song or a running dialogue that happens in your head. All those points lead to a loved one trying to remind you of them.

Be patient and relaxed. Usually when you communicate with the deceased, the strongest times are those when you’re body and mind are in a relaxed state because you’re more open to the subtle message they’ll send. It could be a familiar sound or a smell, or something more direct, like even seeing them. A man I’ll call John was staying at his parent’s home after his father’s death. John had fallen asleep in a chair when he heard the back door open. Not expecting anyone to be entering that late at night, the noise naturally woke him up. Before John could get to his feet he watched his dead father walk down the hall, turn and smile at him before he began climbing the stairs to the second floor. Flabbergasted, it finally occurred to John to follow him. He watched his father walk to the bedroom where his mother was sleeping and slip inside. By the time John got to the bedroom, his father had vanished, but he did find his mother awake. He simply told her, “Dad’s home.” And her response? “I know.” Here’s the moral of the story…chances are, if you’re going to communicate with the deceased – in one way or another – it’s going to be those times when you’re in a relaxed state and least expecting it, like John and his mother.

Be friendly and not forceful. Just as in life, if you try to communicate with the deceased when you’re angry, they’re not going to listen. Not much changes between worlds, so have a happy attitude and your message is more likely to be heard and responded to accordingly.

The DO NOTS of Communicating With The Deceased

There are a few things you shouldn’t do when trying to communicate with the deceased. Essentially it involves anything of an occult nature – Ouija boards, séances or channeling. These can be very dangerous activities because the spirits you might connect with are not your loved one. They may even be malevolent spirits. That’s why it’s always best to contact someone like myself if you’d like to communicate with the deceased more directly.