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A Phone Call

A phone call I just received a phone call from a beautiful lady, who had never called a psychic medium before. She didn’t know what to ask, and as we began the reading, I felt I was speaking about her son in spirit. When working with spirit can be really difficult. Yet sometimes it’s so… Read more »

Walking Meditation

  Walking Meditation We’ve all been stuck at home. We have nothing to do and we want to do something. I had this idea, I thought to write about walking meditation. Well “guess what!” I started to do some research because I did not realize it was so complicated. There are so many different forms… Read more »

Power of Change

The Power of Change. WOW, We all have to say that 2020 has been a year of change. Many things have happened to us since the beginning of the year, especially March. Our friend’s family and children Have been affected by what is going on now! We never thought we would have to wear a… Read more »


Wow! What a crazy three months this has been. I went on vacation at the end of February to California and had a wonderful time with family and traveled the coast. I came back home to do the Women’s Expo in Grand Rapids on March 6th, and the world fell apart. Everything closed. Everything was… Read more »

We Need Laughs

We need fun, laughter, and giggles right now with all the changes that are going on in our lives. It’s a time of trying to find things to do with our family and with ourselves while staying positive and happy! We might find ourselves asking, “What can I do?” I like yoga, and I like… Read more »

What’s a ‘Girls Night In’ Party?

One of the psychic services I offer is a Girls Night In party. People often ask is what that means. They’ve heard of Girls Night Out celebrations, but not the former. The answer is both are rather similar. It’s a time for women, of all ages, to get together. Usually drinking is involved (but not… Read more »

How to Spot a Fake Psychic

How do you know if the person who you’re speaking with is really psychic? They’re actually a few signs that you can look for (and you don’t even have to be psychic to do it). First, fake psychics often asked leading questions. What exactly is a leading question? It’s a question that’s asked to get… Read more »

Spring in Different Cultures

Since Spring is on the way I thought I might look at how different cultures experience it. Did you know….? In Indian, Nepalese devotees throw colored powder, known as gulal, on a bamboo pole, called a Chir, that’s fringed with strips of cloth. It represents good luck on the first day of the Holi festival… Read more »

How to Find a Good Michigan Psychic?

Many of the people looking for a Michigan psychic find me through word-of-mouth. But how you know how to find a good psychic if your friends don’t do readings? The first step is knowing what you want. Do you want to connect with a loved one’s spirit or do you want to know about your… Read more »

Are Free Phone Psychic Readings Really Free?

No. Most Free Phone Psychic Readings aren’t free. While it’s true a number of them might offer a free 3 minutes, chances are you won’t get the answers you seek in just 3 minutes time. So what happens after your ‘free time’ ends? Most often other charges kick in (and many of them are on… Read more »