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Walking Meditation

We’ve all been stuck at home. We have nothing to do and we want to do something. I had this idea, I thought to write about walking meditation. Well “guess what!” I started to do some research because I did not realize it was so complicated. There are so many different forms of walking meditation and it is peaceful. I remember years ago; I met a shaman who would blindfold himself and walk through a forest and never touch a tree or a branch on the ground. I thought that was amazing. I walked around the house because that is what you do in walking meditation. You cannot close your eyes, or you could walk into walls unless you get good at this. You need to be aware of everything going on around you. It’s all in energy, then you can do this with your eyes open. It’s like when you drive your car, you go, how do I get from here to there? I don’t remember. You put yourself in a frame of mind. That’s where I’m going with this. I know when you are walking, you still must pay attention; nevertheless, when you are meditating and walking, you’re trying to empty your head of thoughts. Be in the energy of the universe. Lots of people get their great ideas walking, get answers to some of their problems walking. Below are the rules ….
Have fun with this. Be silly and laugh. It’s you and the universe.
Pay attention to the experience of walking, keep your awareness engaged in this experience. Become aware of your present mental and emotional states. It’s about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Just like in real meditation you breathe, relax, and enjoy.
Light and Love

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