Psychic Therapy for Weight Loss

It is possible to psychically lose weight. It seems like more and more Americans struggle with food addiction or even finding quality foods that don’t include tons of oils or starch. But you can psychically lose weight if you do it the proper way. That means that, yes, you’ll still have to find the right diet and exercise, but there are psychic tips for getting weight under control.

First, calm yourself and quiet your mind. Try not to worry about anything. Just relax and let go of any distractions. In your mind’s eye image you’re already thin. The reason is you’re starting to train your subconscious mind regarding how to be thin.

Jumpstart your imagination. Picture yourself eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consider this ‘picture’ throughout the day when hunger strikes and you’re temped to reach for that candy bar or cookie. Again, it’s important to visualize your goals on a regular basis.

Now that you’ve got your mental images you’ll do three things:

1 – feel that positive energy in your body and image it’s metabolism

2 – allow the power to drain the hunger feeling away and

3 – visualize your happiness of reaching your goal.

I firmly believe in the concept of mind over matter. And it’s easy to feel stuck, and stressed, about trying to lose the ‘same 5, 10, 15 pounds’ over and over again. But I know personally there are options to everything we do and the mind is powerful. The key is to not let life get away from you to the point that you stress out and reach for the wrong foods. So remember, everyone is beautiful and if you watch what you eat, continue to exercise and use these psychic weight loss methods you CAN shed those pounds you want to lose.