Bad Curses and Negative Spells: What You Need to Know About This Psychic Con

I recently got a message from someone who said they had dark forces around them and it got me thinking. While there are forces in the world not to be tampered with, one of the oldest psychic cons for centuries, perhaps even millinums, are bad luck curses. Here’s how this psychic scam ‘works’…

You see a psychic who picks on vague points to ‘prove’ there are a real psychic. For example, you may have dark circles under your eyes which is sign of lack of sleep. The psychic then says you’ve had trouble sleeping. Since you’re already in the mindset wanting a good experience these kinds of statements might seem impressive. At that point, that’s when they’ll tell you you’re either cursed or have a dark forces around you. They can get rid of the bad luck surrounding you… for a fee, of course.

Now you may wonder how anyone could anyone fall for this. The truth is, many people seeking a psychic are looking for answers to hardships. That means they’re already ripe for the picking. This psychic con usually works one of two ways. Either they require a large fee to cast a counter spell or they will stretch it out the con by setting up a large number of subsequent appointments.

If you find a psychic telling you that you’re cursed and they can fix it for a fee run away. Sometimes it’s not the reading they try to sell you, but rather the tools you need, like candles, crystals, etc. It’s true that certain stones do have mystical powers, and I even offer some to my clients, but they should never push their goods on you by using fear tactics. That’s just wrong. When a true psychic feels any dark energy around you, they will offer advice on how to handle it yourself, without exorbitant fees, so keep all that in mind the next time you have a psychic reading.