How to be Flexible and Open Minded

Universe is in a constant state of flux. It always changes. In recent times, this has never been truer. Just look at our country. The real estate market, the stock market, job market…any market you name, they are all behaving in ways we’ve never seen before. It’s created a great deal of tension for many… Read more »

Overcoming Fear

Everyone has to deal with some level of fear on a daily basis. For example, some people may stress about being late for work. Others are so crippled by fear they can’t leave their homes. However, there are ways for overcoming fear. Why is overcoming fear so important? Simply put, fear stops you from improving… Read more »

Improving Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition. Some people’s intuition is stronger than others. Why? Some people are simply more in tune with their psychic ability, which is part of intuition. As for psychic ability, it’s a bit like our human bodies. When you don’t exercise your muscles, you lose them. So it only stands to reason that when… Read more »