Metaphysical Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re thinking of buying metaphysical gifts for Christmas you’re not alone. Many people consider looking into spiritual psychic healing and mystical gifts. You can find many new age supplies like psychic jewelry at places like zero point, my metaphysical gifts store. Knowing what to buy though might be difficult if you’re not trained in… Read more »

Techniques to Increase Psychic Abilities

One of the ways that you can increase your psychic ability is through active meditation. Your psychic energy isn’t as strong when your attention is divided. That’s why meditation helps keep you centered. When your mind is scattered it’s hard to focus on a single thing but mediation helps. The great thing about using meditation… Read more »

How Do Candle Colors Affect Psychic Abilities?

Candles can be used to enhance meditation techniques and the colors that you pick can help in your spiritual journey. So if you’re looking to achieve a greater awareness and a stronger sense of energy in your meditation sessions, here are a few colors and what they mean: White candles – White candles represent God’s… Read more »

What Are Guardian Angels?

“What are Guardian Angels?” and “How do Guardian Angels work?” are two questions I’m asked quite frequently from my readers. So this month I thought I’d take some time to address what I think. First, let’s focus on “What are Guardian Angels?” What Are Guardian Angels? A guardian angel is sent at the beginning of… Read more »

How To Make a Soul to Soul Connection

Everyone has heard the term soul mate. But did you know that everyone has a soul light? It’s true. What’s interesting about this soul light is that you can contact with another person’s soul light at any time or any place. Best of all, you don’t need to be in the same room, or even… Read more »

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels: What’s The Difference?

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are often thought of being the same thing, but really they’re not. While it’s true they are both spiritual beings, just like us, there is a distinct difference. Your personal spirit guide is with you through all realms – here and the afterlife. Their main purpose is to steer you… Read more »

Using a Ouija Board – Is it Good or Bad?

Is using a Ouija board good or bad? Much like a gun, the answer is both. A gun in the hands of a police officer can protect someone, but in the hands of a criminal…that’s a different story. Using a Ouija Board truly depends on who’s using it and for what purpose. Although I personally… Read more »

Tips for Communicating with the Deceased

Absolutely, although psychics are more in tune with communicating with a deceased person so they know what to look for. For example, have you ever smelled your mother’s perfume when you’re totally alone? Does it feel like your brother’s hands are on your shoulders sometimes? Have the lights or radio ever turned off and on… Read more »

Communicating with a Deceased Person

These few tips are designed to create awareness so you can communicate with the deceased. First, talk to them. They like it, and sometimes, they even answer. Case in point: One client lost her father, a pipe fitter who fixed anything in her home plumbing-wise. When it came time to replace her toilet seat, which… Read more »

What is a Psychic Counselor?

Since I’m often asked what I do, I wanted to discuss what being a psychic counselor really means. The easiest way is to break down each word. A psychic is a person who is sensitive to psychic influences or forces, a medium if you will. A counselor is a person who counsels, like an adviser…. Read more »