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Windows of Love
By Pauline Dettloff

This is February and its all about Love! My heart just swells up sometimes thinking about this. I am a romantic at heart and it makes me happy! When I think of the word love, and there are so many kinds of love out there. It’s a beautiful noun, but it’s so many different things to different people in different places in different countries with different meanings. As I look at all of this and with all the readings that I have done in the past, so many of us start out in love and we end up so lonely, what happened! Where did it go, where did he go, she go? As I look at it, it goes along with our animals too; because, our Animals mean so much to us and we love them so much. There’s always that one special one that we can’t stop loving and they leave us so early and they were the love of our lives. What happened? I call it “windows”. We have an opportunity to bring someone in our life for a moment in time, we can honestly love and adore and have deep feelings and affection for someone and never get to Love them the way we want.

Someone once told me that everyone gets five chances in life to meet a special someone to love, marry, and/or have a relationship with and there are windows of time in all of them.

How many of us meet that special someone and he or she comes in to your life? Then oops the drama comes. Can it be fixed? Can it work? Here’s comes this window of Love, I believe it is time stamped because we never know how long this beautiful moment well last, it could be a for a day, weeks, months, years … But then it ends. Something went wrong and there you are still in love and the other person moves on and it not always a break up! There are many reasons it just ends and guess what, now what do you do, with being still in love and no where you can go to fix this? Your brain is stuck. It’s in Love, how do you change your thinking because it does not stop, it drives you crazy. You need someone to talk too, your fiends are always not the best person to talk to because they may not understand how much you were in Love, but a Psychic or counselor can help you. Someone who will listen and understand. Here at Michigan Psychic Fair we have Psychics, and Mediums to help you get through to your next window of love.

Pauline Dettloff, Michigan Psychic Fair