Are You Spiritually Grounded?

Have you ever felt lightheaded, overly tired, dazed, shaky, anxious or disconnected from life? Truth is most of us have experienced it. Sometimes, there are physical reasons for those feeling. However, at other times it can be a physical reaction to a spiritual ailment. This sensation of not feeling ‘quite right’ is called being ‘ungrounded’. There’s a balance between the spiritual and physical energy each one of us has. It connects you to the earth and everyone/everything around you. So what throws off your spiritual grounding (earthing)? Several factors, including:

Diet – Eating healthy, which includes root vegetables, helps keep you ‘anchored’. So does chocolate. Depending on how much you ‘indulge’, chocolate can be very beneficial (and even healthy), particularly organic, dark chocolate.

Outdoor Activity – In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to be in nature. When’s the last time you walked barefoot and ‘felt’ the earth? Consider this: Gardening is a great way to stay grounded AND have some yummy delights to eat.

Bath Salts – Salt is important. We need it to live. It’s also helpful to soak in them. Just a cup of favorite like sea salt, Hawaiian salt or Himalayan salt in your tub can do wonders. For those who either lack the time (or even space) to bathe, a salt based scrub does miracles in the shower.

Crystals and Stones – I’m asked why I sell crystals and stones. One reason is they’re pretty. The seconds is they’re also great for grounding. Jasper or kyanite (blue or black) are popular ones to consider if you’re feeling a little ‘off’.

Get In Motion – If you can’t get outside for a walk, make sure you do physical activity indoors. The reason is a body in motion stays more spiritually grounded.

Meditation – While all of these are important, this one holds a bit more weight. Plus, it’s easy to do. Sit comfortably with your feet planted on the floor. Feel the earth below you as you breathe and allow yourself to feel balanced. Even if it’s just 10 minutes once the kids are in bed, take time to recharge yourself each day.

If you follow these steps, you’ll start to feel physically better, as well as spiritually. When you’re ‘grounded’ you’ll feel more in control and many of those physical ailments might be a thing of the pas